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Hello everybody!, My name is Pablo and I will be the author of this blog. I,m FPGA developer in a Spanish company dedicated to the development of power electronics equipment.
Few years ago, I studied electronics and automatic engineering in Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (Spain). During my degree, I began to discover the world of embedded programing. Thanks to samples programs of Microchip and most electronics manufacturers, I could develop a simple programs for my PIC16f876A and PIC18f4550. Obviously, my first program was a blinking led. In those years, I wrote my first blog about electronics, Mips&Chips. In that blog, I developed most little projects. The bigger one was a web server embedded in a 8 bit PIC microcontroller. As many electronics engineers, I also developed little projects with Arduino, but this platform never like me too much.
When I finished my degree, I began to work in a university lab of electronics department as a researcher deveoping power electronics equipment for low power renewable systems (up to 6kva). In lab, I was in charge of firmware developing for control DSP, so, although blog’s name is FPGA zone, maybe, I will talk a little of DSP and microcontrollers. During my stay in lab, I develop firmware for Piccolo and Delfino, 2 TI families of DSP (os DSC).
In lab, I spent 2 fantastic years learning a lot about power electronics control and firmware developing. But one day, I left lab and I began to work in a medium company. When I got there, I was in charge of middleware developing of delfino DSP TMS320F27335, until the systems area manager offered to me the possibility of form part of the FPGA team.
Since 2015, I’m in charge to implement control algorithms of solar inverters up to 3,5MVA in FPGA. Also, I develop some control algorithms in Matlab or PSIM, and communications protocols like SPI, UART, I2C…
Fortunately, my job is also my hobby, and when I come home, I still developing little own hdls, and these little develops are that I want to share with you.
I’m from Spain, but this blog will be write in english, if you want to contact with me, you can do it in english or spanish, and I will respond you without problem.
I hope that you enjoy like me with my posts.


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